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Probably the most common heating source for residential homes across the state of Tennessee is a gas furnace. The cheapest way to power a gas furnace is with natural gas, while propane is an alternative when natural gas isn’t available. Ted Fugunt is a trusted, experienced and highly praised Chattanooga furnace company who is dedicated to helping our customers achieve quieter, more efficient, more reliable heating and air conditioning.

The Most Important Thing Is…

The most important part of home comfort is the installation of your heating and air system. Even though the quality of the equipment is important (and we offer the best in the industry), the design, sizing and install of your furnace and related equipment trumps everything. If you purchase the best rated, most efficient, reliable furnace on the market, but don’t have it installed according to factory specifications, you’ll have equipment and performance problems. Not a good situation. When you rely on Ted Fugunt, we not only give you estimates and recommendations to meet your specific needs, but we install your system the right way, down to the last detail. We’re a Chattanooga furnace company that you can trust with the comfort of your home.

Chattanooga Furnace Repair Done Right

Sometimes an older furnace will begin to show signs of age. Maybe it isn’t as efficient anymore. Or maybe you’re concerned about a cracked heat exchanger. In fact, on that note… if you think your heat exchanger might be cracked, you need to turn the furnace off immediately as it could poison your family. We always recommend carbon monoxide testers for every home to ensure that this doesn’t go undetected. But back to the topic at hand, if you need service for your natural gas, propane or hybrid heating system, we’re the contractor to call. We’re experts at troubleshooting, which means you pay to fix the real problem. We know how to help you stretch your hard earned dollars the right way. Schedule furnace repair service today by calling 423-894-3723!

“Impressed with your speed of service. Technician was knowledgeable, friendly and prices were satisfactory. Kudos on a good job!” — M. Pengiel

“Thank you for taking care of my mothers Heating and Air Conditioning needs for so many years. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!” — G. Larson

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Chattanooga Furnace and Heat Pump Company
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Tune-Ups Help Protect Your System

Tune-Ups Help Protect Your System

As a trusted Chattanooga furnace company, we like to help our customers save money. We’re not here to let your furnace break down from neglect so we can sell you a new one. Quite the contrary! We’re here to help protect your current system, so you get the most bang for your buck. Seasonal tune-ups, also called maintenance, is a great way to do that. A clean and properly tuned furnace will have to work less to keep your home comfortable. Less work means longer life and lower utility bills. As you can see, maintenance pays for itself rather quickly. Call us today!

Whole House Humidifier

Whole House Humidifier

Basic science tells us that the colder the air is, the less moisture it can hold. So even though a Tennessee summer is very humid, when winter hits, things get pretty dry. Dry air is uncomfortable for skin and eyes, and it makes your home feel colder. A whole house humidifier will bring a refreshing amount of comfort to your home. Your skin will not be as dry, and you’ll save a little on those gas bills. Whole house humidifiers are part of our indoor air quality solutions. Call us today to learn more!

Chattanooga Furnace and Heat Pump Company
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